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Falling in Love with Besame Vintage Inspired Cosmetics!

Posted: Aug 05 2016

Falling in Love with Besame

It's hard to not fall in love with Besame once you start using it. Soft on the skin, it smells good, and the quality is out of this world! Ok, we may be fans of it here at the shop but pretty easy to see why. Even others are fans of this lipstick ranging from some of our favourite modern pinups all the way to Peggy Carter (of Captain America fame). Best known from the Besame line are their lipsticks, which range from 60s pink to 1920s so dark it's almost black red.

Pretty In Pink

Besame Portrait Pink and Exotic Pink Lipstick

Pink is a great way to add a little femininity to your look, but which pink you pick can have a real effect on that! The Portrait Pink lipstick on the left is a recreation from a 1963 colour that is neutral but has a sophisticated finish to it while the Exotic Pink on the right is based off a 1955 colour that calls back to a time of Tiki parties and cocktail culture that dominated the 1950s. Both stunning pinks, but very different finished products in how they look!

Ravishing Reds

Besame Ravishing Red in Tango Red, Besame Red, Red Hot Red, Red Velvet, American Beauty, and Cherry Red

Most popular though are Besame's red lipsticks. Most pinups have a signature red, and with so many to select from it'll be easy to find a red that looks perfect on you!  Ranging from Besame Red (bottom right corner) with it's cool blue undertones to Tango Red with its orange undertones they cover a range of different reds that will change your look depending on which one you wear. Even Agent Peggy Carter loved Besame reds and wore Red Velvet (top left corner).

Film Noir

Besame Fil Noir inspired Lipsticks Noir Red and Merlot

But no lipstick collection is complete without one stand out colour that draws the eye no matter what. We adore the 1920s inspired Noir and 1930s inspired Merlot for this job - their deep colouring is both attention grabbing and will have you looking like you just stepped off the screen from the silent era.

So, what more could you need to finish off your look? We love a dusting of Violet Brightening Powder to help set our make up and help brighten those dark circles under the eyes. Plus have you seen the stunning packaging? 

Besame Brightening Powder

So, tell us - what is your favourite Besame product to have yourself feeling ready to take on the world?

Agent Peggy Carter wearing Besame Red Velvet Lipstick

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